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MediaEspresso lets you convert any kind of file, no matter the format, so you can use it on mobile devices, TVs, and game consoles. Its intuitive interface automatically detects the device you have connected to the PC so the application can determine the appropriate format and resolution without you having to do a thing.

There's a conversion option specifically for mobile phones that's perfect for converting files to make them compatible with devices from well-known brands like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and BlackBerry. There is also an option for multimedia players. Both options are very useful when you want to play your favorite album or movie on devices that only support particular formats. It also has a section with conversion options for consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and PSP, as well as one compatible with Facebook and YouTube. In total, this application can convert to over 160 devices.

There's a simpler option, too, where you can change the format of a file to the most popular format for its type. Given all these options, MediaEspresso is a great application with which you can convert your files to almost any format.

30-day trial period. Does not include H.265 support.

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